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Life Academy

We often say, “Life will teach you”, but what if there was a way to teach life. This is exactly what Academy of Life is for. Here you will learn how to live life in a way that is pleasing to God.

A word for every day

Feed your spiritual man with a “Word for every day” to grow in your faith.

28 Days Approaching 2024 | Closer to the Holy Spirit

28 Days Approaching 2024 Closer to the Holy Spirit Предисловие През годините Святият Дух стана най-добрият ми приятел. Моята съпруга Веси е найдобрият ми приятел като човек тук на земята, но Святият Дух се превърна…

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21 Days Approaching 2021

21 Дни Приближаване 2021 Изявеното Божие присъствие е първата по важност ценност в Национален Християнския Център. Да бъдем там и да стоим в нозете на Бог е нещото, което искаме. „21 дни на Приближаване“ ще…

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A blessed life

A blessed life The desire to live in abundance is in every person. That there are no shortages and that needs are met is the prayer of every believer. In “Blessed Life” you will look…

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Hear inspiring, deep and life-changing messages about God, faith and life from pastor Svetoslav Petrov.

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