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NCConference ’24 is a place where people of every generation and corner of the world can come and exalt King Jesus in all His power and glory. The place where they would lay their eyes on the One and Only God, Father of many generations. Generations of strong men and women of faith who know Him and know who they are in Him. The generations that have made a way and the generations that follow who walk into their inheritance. NCConference ’24 is the place where the two become one. Where young and old come into agreement and in one spirit cry out a shout. The shout that stops God, fixes His gaze upon an entire nation and propells Him to answer the thousands of prayers declared over her. NCConference ’24 is the place where generations come together in the name of the One and Only – Jesus Christ.


Andrew Sherman comes from a prominent Pentecostal family of preachers in England. Embracing the life of a reformer, he becomes the catalyst for the start of World Race and Adventures – two organizations that have helped send more than 120,000 people to the mission fields around the world. He is currently the leader of G42, an international ministry that aims to inspire leaders around the world to give their lives uncompromisingly and radically to Jesus Christ. His messages are fiery and charged with the power to bring change. Andrew is a true father of faith who inspires courage and makes you believe in who you are and why you are on this earth.

Ted Henson is the founder of ALife church and House of Bread Ministry. He is a strong and accurate prophetic voice, able to activate this prophetic gift in the people he serves. A world traveler, Ted brings a fresh take on the power of God’s grace. His ministry is focused on the fullness of the believer’s inheritance in God and the victorious life in the Kingdom of God.


From humble beginnings as home group leaders in a small village in Northern England, God leads Ken Gott and his wife Lois on a journey during which they see over 1 000 000 people visit their church and experience the amazing power and supernatural movement of God. This visitation of God marks a period in England’s history that is now known as the “Sunderland Refreshing”. Today Ken Gott has an internationally recognized ministry reaching the nations of the world. He is also the senior leader of „House of Prayer Europe“ and the European director of Dr. Ed Silvoso’s ministry „Transform Our World”.

John and Carol Arnott are the founders of Catch the Fire World, a network of revival churches around the world. They become an object of worldwide interest. Since January 25, 1994, for 12 years every night more than 5,000,000 people, 80% of them pastors and leaders from all over the world, have flocked to touch this powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their church. Today they travel the world, touching thousands and kindling fires of revival wherever they go.

Duncan Smith and his wife Kate are revivalists who carry the fire of God's love and power around the world. Duncan is the President of Catch The Fire World - a global network of churches, missions and ministries born out of the Revival in Toronto. His ministry is dynamic and marked by extraordinary miracles that the Holy Spirit works in the congregations.

Steve and Sandra Long are inspiring ministers who carry the wind of the Holy Spirit. They have witnessed over 5 million people attend their church in search for the touch of God. A church they have pastored from 2006 to 2022. They currently serve as International Directors of Catch the Fire World for Europe and the Middle East.

Pastor Tom and Marsha Worth are one of the first ministers to lend a hand to Pastor Svetoslav and Veselina Petrov and their ministry. For a long time they pastor a church in Syracuse, New York. Pastor Tom served as professor and dean at Pinecrest Bible Institute, and as of today is the director of a Christian school in his town and a professor at Elim Bible Institute, NY. His messages to the body of Christ are distinguished by his great depth and impact. Pastor Tom and Marsha are extremely loved by the entire Petrov family.

JR and his wife, Joan Young, play a key role in the development of Pastor Svetoslav and Veselina Petrov. For a long time they pastor one of the oldest churches in America, Santa Rosa Christian Church. JR's life is transformed by the Jesus Movement as he begins to care for hundreds of young people, all seeking to find fatherly love through him. Namely through his fatherly influence, he has touched many leaders and nations around the world. Indeed he takes on a fatherly role in the life of the Petrov family, a role most expressed through his modesty and devoted support.

Svetoslav and Veselina Petrovi are the founders of National Christian Center. They deeply love God and the people they serve. Their ministry is marked by depth of teaching and clear prophetic insight. They are an inspiration to many in the Body of Christ through their example of humility and complete obedience to God.

NCC Music will be leading worship during #NCConference2024


EARLY BIRD offer from 07.07 to 01.09

Conference pass

donations from

109 BGN

129 BGN

А Daily Pass is worth 69 BGN and is offered only in person at the venue. 

For families with children: Admission for children aged up to 12 years is free. During the conference, special care for them is not prepared, but rooms are provided where the children will be able to stay with one parent.

There will be live broadcasting in the rooms, but it is good and advisable for the parents to provide quiet games and activities for their child/children.




10th October /Thursday/

Session 1: 7:00 pm 



11th October /Friday/

Session 1: 9:30 am
Session 2: 2:00 pm
Session 3: 6:00 pm



12th October /Saturday/

Session 1: 9:30 am
Session 2: 2:00 pm
Session 3: 6:00 pm

Sunday service

[free entry]

On Sunday /October 13th/, after the end of the #NCConference, we will have more meetings which will be with free entry – open to anyone who wants to attend.


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