5 - 7 october 2023
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The idea behind National Christian Conference, or NCConference, comes directly from the heart of God. This is God’s initiative for such a time as this. God desires to have an event that will act as a spiritual center gathering His people from the four corners of the country. NCConference is the place for those who seek for more of God in their lives. This is where your thirst for God’s manifested presence can be met. This spiritual center is for those who hunger for the transforming truth of God’s word. Here you will feel the wind of freedom, the fire of passion for God and the depth of God’s word. The vision of the NCConference is to be a catalyst of spiritual revival and social transformation in Bulgaria.


Craig Terndrup has been ministering as a pastor of Gateway church for 20 years. Today the church has over 100 000 members. While serving there he was able to build a fivefold ministry. Today he serves as a senior pastor in Gateway’s global team the focus of which is to build international apostolic networks.  He also leads the Global initiative for equipping international leaders.

From humble beginnings as home group leaders in a small village in Northern England, God leads Ken Gott and his wife Lois on a journey during which they see over 1 000 000 people visit their church and experience the amazing power and supernatural movement of God. This visitation of God marks a period in England’s history that is now known as the “Sunderland Refreshing”. Today Ken Gott has an internationally recognized ministry reaching the nations of the world. He is also the senior leader of „House of Prayer Europe“ and the European director of Dr. Ed Silvoso’s ministry „Transform Our World”.

Steve and Sandra Long are inspiring ministers who carry the wind of the Holy Spirit. They have witnessed over 5 million people attend their church in search for the touch of God. A church they have pastored from 2006 to 2022. They currently serve as International Directors of Catch the Fire World for Europe and the Middle East.

Philip Baker has been a great friend of Bulgaria for many years. He is an evangelist whose powerful messages won’t leave you indifferent. After 13 years in ministry in the local church and managing the biggest Christian youth development center in the US he starts Phillip Baker Ministries in 2003. Every year he and his wife Laura travel all over the world honoring the name of Jesus Christ by leading family and leadership seminars – building up and helping local churches and ministers.

Svetoslav and Veselina Petrovi are the founders of National Christian Center. They deeply love God and the people they serve. Their ministry is marked by depth of teaching and clear prophetic insight. They are an inspiration to many in the Body of Christ through their example of humility and complete obedience to God.




5th October /Thursday/

7:00 pm – Ken Gott



6th October /Friday/

9:30 am – Craig Terndrup
2:00 pm – Steve Long
6:30 pm – Philip Baker



7th October /Saturday/

9:30 am – Ken Gott
2:00 pm – Craig Terndrup
6:30 pm – Steve Long

Sunday service

free entry

On Sunday /October 8th/, following the end of the #NCConference, there will be two more sessions open to the public and free of charge to all who want to attend.

10:00 am – Philip Backer

6:00 pm – Steve Long

NCC Music will be leading worship during #NCConference2023 October


Youth Pass
from 13 to 18 years old

donation of

39 lev

Adult Pass
over 18 years old

donation of

99 lev

Family Pass
for two adults*

donation of

169 lev

*The Family Pass is available only for a husband and wife. No other combination with family members are accepted.

Daily Pass is offered only in person at the venue:

Daily Pass (Thursday) – adult pass: 30 lev; youth pass /13-18/: 15 lev Daily Pass (Friday or Saturday) – adult pass: 50 lev; youth pass /13-18/: 20 lev

For families with children: Admission for children aged up to 12 years is free. During the conference, special care for them is not prepared, but rooms are provided where the children will be able to stay with one parent.

There will be live broadcasting in the rooms, but it is good and advisable for the parents to provide quiet games and activities for their child/children.



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